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Lycoming County Genealogical Society

Programs are open to the public and free of charge

Membership ($15/year) in the society will be available but is not required.  


Members have access to the Genealogy Library, which includes access to,, and many other print and digital resources.

All programs begin at 1:pm and are held at the

Thomas T Taber museum, 858 W 4th St, Williamsport


October 28, 1:00 PM

Final Destination: A journey through the history of American burial practices.

     Vicki Enigk, past president of the Lycoming County Genealogical Society, will
present the program, “Final Destination: A journey through the history of
American burial practices” on Saturday, October 28, at 1 p.m. in the Community
Room of The Taber Museum at the Lycoming County Historical Society.
Enigk will discuss the history of burial practices in the United States , including the
evolution of how we think about death, and how burial grounds and church yards
have given way to formal community cemeteries, and discuss the symbolism used
on tombstones.
     Enigk a lifelong resident of Montoursville, has been doing genealogical research
for over 20 years. A member of the Genealogical Society for twenty years, she is a
member of the Board and has served in multiple positions, including two terms
     Genealogical Society programs are free and open to the public. The Thomas T.
Taber Museum is located at 858 West 4th  Street, Williamsport.

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